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China stainless steel pipe stock has been falling for the fourth week

China stainless steel pipe stock has been falling for the fourth week, at the same time of continuous underweight, sustained release 316 l stainless steel pipe factory production capacity, market concerns about supply pressure will increase, hinder the 316 l stainless steel pipe prices rise further. According to figures released by the 16 mn in seamless steel pipe association, in mid-march the coarse 16 mn seamless steel tube average daily output of 1.945 million tons, ten-day rose by 2.18%, a record high again. Qilu securities research report shows, however, through the research in jiangsu region, find manufacturers, traders, stainless steel pipe seamless steel pipe processing center and the downstream enterprises 16 mn inventories are low in the normal state. Analysts believe that this signal under the high production, most of the finished goods to the actual consumption. If pessimistic expectations anchored, season superposition reapplied library is likely to lead to real consumption industry there is a shortage of periodic capacity, industry profit rebound. Data show that the major domestic cities before building 16 mn seamless steel pipe total inventory of 9.4515 million tons, weeks underweight strength is 4.38%, speeding up was reduced more than last week. Beijing, guangzhou, hangzhou, Shanghai, chengdu, xi 'an market has appeared more obvious underweight, local demand accelerated release. In March 304 stainless steel pipe market overall trend is given priority to with fell, but finally appeared before and after the qingming festival restorative rise. According to stainless steel iron spot trading platform "XiBen Shinkansen" monitoring data, a week before the qingming festival, the domestic spot price of stainless steel seamless tube in the fall of the second wave of rebound. Among them, the terminal purchasing volume rebounded to become the ultimate factor supporting, Q345B 16 mn steel pipe seamless steel pipe stock has been falling for the fourth week. South China market slightly upward, pushing the dish in east China market. Yesterday thread 16 mn seamless steel tube futures sharply rise, the main contract closed at 1110 4874 yuan/ton, compared with the previous session rose 98 yuan/ton. The influence of the central bank to raise interest rates to the stainless steel welded pipe market more performance for "bad", plus the dollar index is weak, for commodities.


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