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The recent steel flat steel to enhance services to the whole process

The recent steel flat steel to enhance services to the whole process
Recently, Liaocheng City East Czech limited supplies business department received an urgent order: a user emergency ordering a number of square steel flat steel as its overseas project emergency supply of spare parts, the user must be delivered within 20 days。 After receiving the mission, the steel flat steel division, rapid response, effective coordination, finally in the premise of ensuring product quality, with only 14 days to complete the product delivery。
According to the normal production process, at least 40 days around the time of previous similar contracts from the preparation to the factory, one can imagine the tight time. The emergency procurement involves 3 grade, 5 copies of the contract, not only requires the full length of delivery, and each contract also has strict requirements for the count. Especially the contract belongs to the limit size tube, order quantity is only 0.12 tons, is also the 3 branch pipe production. To quickly respond to user needs, steel bar division quickly organize relevant departments of emergency coordination, Department of precision steel tube factory in the existing production tasks and full pipe blank absence, initiate a rapid response mechanism.
At the same time, business departments also actively cooperate with precision steel pipe factory of blank, process planning, implementation planning and scheduling work. Especially in the 2 contracts the lack of emergency pipe blank, seamless steel tube plant, give full play to the synergy of two product line, to provide timely billet protection for the normal production of this batch of steel pipe. Through efficient cooperation division of various departments, the number of emergency final contract only 14 days the successful completion of delivery, to solve the user's as pressing danger.


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