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Wide flange beam facing "jump off building" price

Wide flange beam facing "jump off building" price
It is understood, in early 2014 5 at the beginning of the week is wide flange beam end user centralized procurement time, yesterday Chongqing's largest warehouse dragon pool wide flange beam shipped nearly 8000 tons, belongs to the normal shipment level, the small plant resources because of lower prices to ship. After the demand for short-term release yesterday, today H steel were significantly decreased, by 12:50, dragon pool H steel shipments of less than 5000 tons, the Chongqing construction steel market dealers quotation to down slightly. In the face of wide flange beam now bear market, the majority of businesses mentality relatively calm, think in the high cost support, down space is limited, but due to the sluggish downstream demand, rising and resistance, the short-term trend in a narrow range of fluctuation. A few merchants slightly anxious, believes that the current market in the downlink channel, fall, panic Paohuo emotion more strong, low-cost resources gradually increased. The comprehensive judgment, the author thinks this week Chongqing market price of construction steel to shock down, limited range, suggested to keep shipping status, reduce inventory risk aversion.


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