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Understanding of precision stainless steel strip

Understanding of precision stainless steel strip
In general the thickness in the range of 0.01 ~ 1.5mm, strength cold rolled stainless steel strip in 600 ~ definition of 2100N/mm2 stainless steel and heat resistant to high precision stainless steel strip. This and the thickness in the range of 0.3 ~ 1.5mm (cold rolled strip steel slitting) overlap in size, but only the special rolling and slitting products products can meet special requirements of precision steel strip.
2, the characteristics of precision stainless steel band
High precision stainless steel strip of stainless steel band field of specialization, taking into account the need to measure many parameters, as well as the specific circumstances in our country at present precision stainless steel strip production standard, the characteristic of precision stainless steel band made the following definition:
Width below 600mm;
The thickness accuracy of ± 0.001mm, width accuracy of ± 0.1mm (Japan Toyo standard).
Surface quality can meet the needs of different users, such as roughness Ra ≤ 0。16 mm, surface roughness 2B, Ra ≤ 0。05 mm BA surface or other special surface。
Mechanical performance is high, according to the different needs of users, the specified low or high yield stress and strength.
Uniform grain size, grain size of the fully annealed state general control in 7 ~ 9, for the hard products, its strength is very uniform, the hardness fluctuates in ± 5 ~ 10Hv。
In addition to flatness, edge quality and other aspects have higher requirements.
3, the main material and surface precision stainless steel strip
The main material of precision stainless steel strip are: SUS304 precision stainless steel strip, 316 precision stainless steel strip, 305 precision stainless steel strip, SUS430 precision stainless steel strip, 202 precision stainless steel strip, 201 precision stainless steel strip, 301 precision stainless steel strip, 301J1 precision stainless steel strip。
The main surface accurate stainless steel band are: Matt stainless steel belt, matte surface stainless steel band, satin finish stainless steel belt, mirror stainless steel belt, N0\1, stainless steel mirror surface stainless steel band 6K band, 8K band, stainless steel mirror polishing stainless steel belt, bright surface stainless steel band
Stainless steel with SUS200 series models: SUS201 (1Cr17Mn6Ni5N), SUS202 (1Cr18Mn8Ni5N), SUS204 (0Cr18Mn8Ni5N), SUS205 (2Cr17Mn15Ni2N). SUS300 series models: SUS301 (1Cr17Ni7), SUS302 (1Cr18Ni9), SUS321 (1Cr18Ni9Ti), SUS304 (0Cr18Ni9),
SUS304L (00Cr19Ni10), SUS310S (0Cr25Ni20Si2), SUS316 (0Cr17Ni12Mo2), SUS316L (00Cr17Ni14Mo2), 316Ti (0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti), 317 (0Cr19Ni13Mo3), 317L (00Cr19Ni13Mo3)。
Stainless steel with SUS400 series models: SUS410 (1Cr13), SUS420Ji (2Cr13), SUS420J2 (3Cr13), SUS430 (1Cr17).
Product range: 0.01MM---2.0MM thick *1.5MM---2000MM wide and *COIL (roll or sheet).
Specifications: thickness of 0.01---3.0MM × 1.5---1500MM × C length width
Hardness: HV:140---580, ANN, 1/4H, cold: 1/2H, 3/4H, H, EH, SH
Surface condition: cold rolling 2D, 2B (Matt), BA (4K bright surface, 8K mirror), HL (drawing).
Executive standard: ASTM JIS DIN GB.
Blank country: domestic (TISCO, Bao Xin, Pohang), Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions。
Quality assurance: can provide the material quality certificate, the SGS environmental protection certification, factory inspection report and other relevant certification materials.
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